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What is Noni?
Known throughout the South Pacific as the "mother of all healing plants," Noni is the common name for Morinda Citrifolia, a plant that the Pacific Islanders have used for centuries. It has provided both healing and nutrition for them for more than 2000 years. Noni is an excellent source of nutrition, being rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, cofactors, and amino acids.

How has Noni been used?
Traditional Polynesian healers credit Noni with a wide range of healing abilities. Modern science has confirmed Noni's medical usefulness, particularly for supporting the immune system.

How is Noni taken?
Noni is most often consumed as a juice made from the fruit. Ideally, Lexxus Premium Noni Juice should be taken on an empty stomach prior to meals, as directed on the bottle.

How does Noni work?
Researchers point to the number of enzymes and alkaloids in Noni. Other constituents that have been credited for Noni's unique healing abilities include Scopoletin, which has been shown to lower blood pressure, relax muscle spasms, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria and fungi; and Damnacanthol, an arthraquinone compound that protects against cellular degeneration. It may be that it is the unique synergy of all these constituents, plus vitamins, minerals, trace elements, cofactors and amino acids - rather than a single constituent - which gives Noni its healing power. Noni works on a cellular level to enhance good health.

Is NHT Global Premium Noni Juice organic?
The Noni used in NHT Global Premium Noni Juice is certified organic, guaranteed to be grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

What are the health benefits?
Noni has the potential to boost the immune system, inhibit tumor growth, normalize physiological functions on a cellular level, and stimulate cell regeneration. Noni appears to have the ability to augment immune defenses, fight pain, reduce inflammation, and purge the intestinal system without the dangerous side effects of harsh drugs. Its impressive and widespread use among various native cultures of tropical island regions supports the theory that it possesses valuable, therapeutic compounds. Noni can be considered an antibacterial, analgesic, anticongestive, antioxidant, anticatarrhal, anti-inflammatory, astringent, emollient, emmenagogue, laxative, sedative, hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), blood purifier, and tonic. Bushfruits, a category of which Noni fruit is a member, are also considered a good source of vitamin C. The alkaloid content of the Noni fruit is thought to be responsible for its therapeutic actions. Alkaloids exhibit a wide range of pharmacological and biological activities in the human body. They are nitrogen-containing organic compounds that react with acids to form salts, which are the basis of many medicines. Finally, the enzymatic actions of Noni make it valuable as a health promoter in cells.

How does Noni boost the immune system?
Anecdotal reports support that Noni seems particularly effective in shortening the duration of certain types of infection. This may explain why Noni is commonly used to prevent colds and flu. The chemical constituents found in Noni and the possibility that they stimulate xeronine production—as well as initiate alkaloid therapy – may explain Noni's reputation for having immuno-stimulatory properties. Alkaloids have been able to boost phagocytosis which is the process in which certain white blood cells called macrophages attack and literally digest infectious organisms. Interestingly, the anti tumor action of Noni has been ascribed to an immune system response which involves stimulating T-cells.

Can Noni help people with ADD?
There have been many, many testimonials from parents claiming that their children have a radically increased ability to concentrate once they have been taking noni juice for a few months.

How is Noni a nutritive booster?
More and more research suggests that because Noni fruit enables the immune system to function more effectively, taking the juice may significantly boost health and performance. This juice appears to have the ability to increase the absorption, assimilation and utilization of vitamins and minerals. The presence of proxeronine in Noni initiates a rise of xeronine in the intestinal tract which enables the walls of the intestines to more efficiently absorb various nutrients, especially amino acids. Vitamins act synergistically with xeronine to nourish all body systems.

What is the importance of antioxidants in the juice?
The process of aging bombards the body with free radicals which can cause all kinds of degenerative diseases. The xeronine theory submits that as our bodies age, we lose our ability to synthesize xeronine. To make matters worse, the presence of many environmental toxins actually blocks the production of xeronine. It is believed that the proxeronine content of Noni fruit juice can help to block these actions, working as an anti-aging compound. The phytonutrients found in Noni assist in promoting cell nourishment and protection from free radicals created by exposure to pollution and other potentially damaging agents. In addition, Morinda citrifolia contains selenium, one of the best antioxidant compounds available.


Premium Noni

Noni Juice...people love it, and more importantly, they love how they feel when they drink it!

Why Noni Juice?

Pacific Islanders have enjoyed the health benefits of the Noni fruit for thousands of years. Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and bioflavonoids, Noni fruit works at a cellular level in the body to support the natural function of the immune system.

What makes NHT Global's Premium Noni Juice different?

Chief Fred Siaosi in Geneva Switzerland receiving the ‘International Star for Quality’ award for NHT Global Premium Noni Juice.Our Noni fruit is harvested on Internationally Certified Organic plantations in the purest land in the world... the famed Tahitian Ring of the South Pacific. It is the furthest from any corrupting influence, the trade winds blow clean air, and the soil is rich from tropical vegetation and the minerals of volcanic activity.

NHT Global is proud to partner in a 'chief to chief' quality juicing process. The Noni fruit is ordered with a call to a Samoan Chief, from a plantation that has been in the Chief's family for centuries – 'chief to chief' quality. The fruit is harvested, aged, and flash pasteurized ONCE to maintain the purity, effectiveness, flavor and highest quality of Noni fruit possible.

No other Noni product compares NHT Global's Premium Noni Juice. It's Noni, the way nature intended...

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