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Breakthrough Duplicates Cellular Water

Studies done at the University of Pennsylvania by Gilbert Ling, the University of Texas by Ivan Camron, the University of California Berkeley by James Clegg and researchers in Europe are all finding that the water in the cytoplasm of each of our cells is not merely in a random state.

There are actually four different primary forms of water found in every cell type and these four different forms of water are the basic building blocks for proper cell function. Dr. Lee Lorenzen is the world's leading researcher in the understanding of intracellular water. He holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and is licensed in clinical nutrition with the American Licensing Board of Nutrition.

Dr. Lorenzen is the discoverer of the template induction process and is the world-renowned expert in resonant cluster technology. He has lectured extensively on the life sciences in 42 states and 25 countries and was recently awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree in Medicine from the Open International University for his pioneering work in this field.

Dr. Lorenzen has shown that cells in the human body have a skeleton much like our own system. This is called cytomatrix and it consists of helical proteins that stretch, not only throughout the cell, but out from the nucleus through the cell membrane to interconnect with other cells. Like the layers of an onion, water surrounds these proteins. If you were to look down the long side of the protein, you would notice that there are rings of bound water right on the protein itself. Beyond that, there are secondary rings of water and tertiary rings that may be going out 7,8 or 9 layers. This water/protein structure is a highly complex conduit that carries what is now shown to be high frequency information.

Every one of these layers has a different function as to how it carries electrical information. The water inside these helical proteins has a density much lower than normal water and it carries electrical information at a much higher rate than normal water because it is in a structured form: it is in clusters. These clusters help transform proteins from a random material into a system that carries information very much like fiber optics. Together they create a matrix that can now carry waves of information at very high speed. Herbert Froelich, at the University of London, discovered that these waves of information are moving somewhere around 1011 hertz.

These are frequencies far beyond radio or microwaves. That is how fast information is moving back and forth between our cells. However, cell systems cannot carry this important biochemical information unless the water surrounding them has a specific structure.

Research done by Dr. Katakana in Japan has shown that when we are first born, the water in our cells is highly structured and the water is highly mobile. It is moving back and forth very rapidly. This helps carry oxygen and nutrients into the cell and helps to remove carbon dioxide, toxins and other components from the cell very rapidly so that the cell can function normally. Researchers have also discovered that the structure of intracellular water changes as we get older and therefore, cell communication becomes impaired. Instead of free flowing in small clusters, the water becomes bound to other cell material and is less able to deliver nutrients, remove waste and aid in cell communication. As we age, there is a gradual dehydration process that takes place.

Dr. Katakana's research shows that by the time we are 60, almost three quarters of the water in the blood alone has disappeared. If water clusters are not available to surround the cytomatrix proteins, then the proteins are not carrying the cell information correctly. Dr. Rodman, recent Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, has shown that cell proteins must carry these waves of information very effectively to make the cell system work. The only way to make the cell system work efficiently is to make sure that the water turnover rate is rapid and moving in and out of the cell system quickly. If the cell information is not being carried correctly, then overall cell function is impaired.

Dr. Lorenzen has discovered a method to recreate the condition of the cell's water structure, as it was when we were first born. This clustered concentrate, Cluster Plus is available exclusively from your Independent Lexxus Distributor, and when added to distilled water, gives your system a solution that is already in a biologically active form to carry water and its information back and forth more efficiently. The resultant effects on health can be astounding.


The Secrets of Clustered Water

An Interview with Dr. Lee LorenzenBy Uri Dowbenko

It was a case of life and death for Lee Lorenzen. His wife Penny had been severely ill with a chronic fatigue-induced myalgia and multiple viral infections. "I had exhausted everything," he says. "We tried medication, vitamins, herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic-you name it; we tried it. Nothing was working. Finally I decided to get her on a plane, take her to the healing springs, and let her soak in the water. There was nothing else to do." And that's how his odyssey to find a cure began.

Lee Lorenzen has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and is licensed in Clinical Nutrition by the American Licensing Board of Nutrition. He has also spent many years in collaboration with Japanese scientists and is a founding member of Tokyo's Japanese American Resonance Research Society, as well as its Vice Chairman. As his research into healing springs continued, Dr. Lorenzen made many new discoveries, both scientific and personal. "I examined a lot of the [healing] waters from all over and I didn't find any real relationship. They were no different than good old drinking water. And the chemistry didn't account for the healing properties which people had experienced. Then I started to dig and found a scientific paper by Dr. Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi, a doctor who had won the Nobel Prize [in 1937]. He dedicated his life to looking at water structure, and that's when a light bulb went on for me. I began to look at-not what's in the water-but the water itself.

This epiphany led Dr. Lorenzen to Japan and the very famous healing springs of Kirumisu, outside of Kyoto. The source of the springs at Kirumisu are very deep and mystical. "I worked with Dr. Ishibasi and Dr. Emoto in Tokyo," Dr. Lorenzen explains. "We designed a way of flash-freezing water with liquid nitrogen right at the source of the springs. We kept it in liquid nitrogen, bringing the samples back to the laboratory in Tokyo and then analyzing them. We were able to show a real relationship between the source and the healing properties."

What Dr. Lorenzen and colleagues discovered was that the water was micro-clustered, or structured in geometric rings, which look like six-sided snowflakes when frozen. "It was basically these hexagons-these forms that were most prevalent in the healing springs-that don't really exist in a lot of other areas," continues Lorenzen. "When you flash freeze them, you can do crystallography and X-ray analyses. It was really quite unique. We had no idea that water would form like this. We published these findings in the Japanese journal Snow and Ice, a scientific peer review journal, last year. This year our results were documented in the book The Message from Water, a summary of over ten thousand photographs taken during our research process. "One of the breakthroughs of the water [that Dr. Lorenzen ultimately developed,] is that it tends to stay fairly stable with good biological activity. Biologically active means that the water works well in hydrating living tissue, unlike common [fluoridated and chlorinated] tap water. Most importantly, the size and shape of these unique [six-sided ring clustered] water molecules allows them to pass through cell walls freely, delivering oxygen, nutrients, proteins and enzymes, while removing toxic substances. After many years of experimentation and testing, Dr. Lorenzen applied for and was granted a patent for Clustered Water in January of 1998. The process itself is quite complicated and involves fourteen steps.

[Editor's note: Essentially, purified water is spun through a vortex, which creates the six-sided molecular structure of the fluid. Next, an extremely high-powered magnet is used to produce the long-term stability of this structure. Using this method, a Clustered Water concentrate is created, bottled, and distributed. When one ounce of this concentrate is placed in one gallon of steam-distilled water (ideally in a glass bottle with a plastic or cork top), then shaken and refrigerated for eight hours, the entire solution becomes clustered like that of healing spring waters.]

"This is the primary form of water in a very young child," says Dr. Lorenzen. "Similar research done by Dr. Katayama called it Clustered Water, or biowater. He showed that biowater is the dominant form of water in very young, potent cells. By the time you reach the age of thirty-six, your amount of biowater or Clustered Water drops by sixty percent." The effects of this water are two-fold. First, it produces a standing wave effect as described by Professor Waterson of Griffiths Uiversity. It helps to re-orient water along proteins, which helps protein, and body enzymes, function more efficiently.

"Secondly, what's left over after the standing wave, is a large collection of water rings that have a very high mobility," Dr. Lorenzen continues. "It penetrates the body through the stomach. In just a few days, we see that someone who's very ill and dehydrated will show a very significant improvement in overall health and energy levels."

"You see, we're not treating disease," Dr. Lorenzen asserts in defense of potential political persecution by government regulating agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). "We're just trying to help re-induce order in the protein systems. Protein systems themselves can't have adequate order, unless there are actual water rings involved in bending and holding the proteins."

Dr. Lorenzen's research in Japan on the Clustered Water phenomenon has been ongoing for more than thirteen years. "Frankly, the Japanese were just more open-minded about new technologies," he says. "We've done clinical double-blind studies with private physicians. And we've taken that data, very significant data, to universities and research facilities [in the United States]. They dismissed it. . . . They said it was not possible." Dr. Lorenzen says that he has done over 210,000 patient histories, which show that Clustered Water helps in a variety of ailments, but he insists "it is not disease-specific, but it helps in overall cell function." And that's the key to observing FDA guidelines. "Basically, this is not a therapy," asserts Dr. Lorenzen. "This is not a disease treatment. If you go and have restorative surgery, a crushed bone for example, an orthopedic surgeon rebuilds that bone and gives it structure and function. We're basically doing the same thing [with Clustered Water] at the cellular level. And frankly, it 's so simple, it's been overlooked."

"It's a much more efficient way of hydrating cell systems in that it's giving [or returning] the water ring structure, which is necessary for normal cell [DNA and enzyme] function, signaling, replication, and repair. As we age, we dehydrate anyway. That's well documented. . . . We're showing that with these Clustered Water solutions we can help eliminate edema, help improve intercellular water pressure, help improve protein structure, and therefore cell function."

World-renowned public health expert Dr. Leonard Horowitz agrees. An internationally known authority in behavioral science and public health education, Dr. Horowitz has authored many books and articles. In his book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, (Tetrahedron, LLC, 1999), he writes that "the specific frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair DNA, the hereditary code of life, was impregnated into Clustered Water by Dr. Lorenzen."

"He and other investigators discovered that six-sided, crystal-shaped, hexagonal clustered water molecules form the supportive matrix of healthy DNA," writes Dr. Horowitz. "During aging and intoxication, these crystalline clusters are depleted, thus compromising the integrity of cellular DNA. This primary process underlying aging negatively affects virtually every physiological function." Biochemist Steve Chemiske writes that these hexagonal water clusters, which support the DNA structure, "vibrate at specific resonant frequencies and these frequencies can help restore homeostasis to every structure in the body through signal transduction . . . , the process by which one form of energy is converted to another." Dr. Lorenzen's vision for the future includes the integration of Clustered Water technology into current medical practice. "Now that we have patents on the process and applications," he said, "we want to expand the technology into beverages, skin care cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. It can be used for IV [intravenous] solutions, eye-drop solutions, and other solutions that will serve as a more effective delivery system, as well as rapid hydration solutions."

In fact, the latest products include an eye-drop solution as well as a skin cream. "We're not trying to undermine the pharmaceutical industry, but we're trying to use this technology to enhance it. Then we can have a better delivery system. The whole industry can become more cost-effective, and it will enhance safety, lower toxicity, and lessen the side effects [of medicines].

"In the case of reducing toxicity-many chemotherapeutic agents, for example, are supplied to the individual systemically, since the patient is dehydrated and can't get adequate cell transfer anyway. That's why they use megadoses. We've already documented this in the National University of Mexico City study, in which they hydrate the patients for thirty days prior to giving them therapy. They're finding they have to use much less medication. This could be very important to the pharmaceutical industry as a supportive adjunct.

"If we can pretreat the patient with a hydration system that's going to allow better cell water turnover and therefore better absorption. This increases the efficiency of the medication. Pretreatment of patients with Clustered Water solutions is Dr. Lorenzen's major goal for the future. "That 's what we're doing in the clinics," he says. "We have thirty-two clinics-classical medical clinics-so we're testing patients with a solution to document how quickly the cells can absorb. It's a non-invasive, non-radiation process using modified MRI technology, to assess the results-relative cell hydration and transport."

"We're not treating disease," reiterates Dr. Lorenzen, on behalf of the government authorities. "We're trying to restore order, so that the body can heal itself."


Cluster X2 testimonials

The story of clustered water begins in 1976. Lee Lorenzen was a graduate student doing research at a University in California. Like so many aspiring researchers, his vocation was chosen because of his desire to make a difference in the health and happiness of others, but what he found was a model that wasn't always working. Over and over again he saw that the medications he was researching appeared to be causing more harm than good.

"I remember saying to myself, over and over, in those days," recalls Lorenzen, "Something is missing with this model." Then it happened - a chain of events which ultimately led him to the discovery of water clusters and a method of stabilizing them.

During research using experimental rats, he was bitten and contracted a serious illness. Shortly thereafter, his wife was hospitalized with double pneumonia, and she began a downward spiral into chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Epstein Barr virus, and severe immuno-suppression. With Lee ill and his wife bedridden, taking care of their two toddlers became almost impossible. For the first time in their lives, they got on their knees and prayed for help. And slowly, the answers began to come.

"I went to the UCLA library, one afternoon." says Lee. "As I walked down an aisle, I noticed a little red book which was sticking out from the shelf - a book which was written in 1962 by the Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. As I read it, things began to make sense about cell water."

Months of research eventually led Lorenzen to the healing Spring of Lourdes, France. There, he found evidence of natural water clusters - something that had escaped decades of scientific scrutiny. He found the same phenomenon in ten other healing springs around the world and also found geologic similarities in the places where these healing springs were located. As he continued to research and more pieces of the puzzle came together, Lorenzen learned how to duplicate the natural conditions which produce water clusters. He and his wife became guinea pigs - drinking the solution he called Clustered Water™. Slowly, their health began to improve.

Dr. Lorenzen took his discovery to institutions he thought would be interested; however, after presenting his research, they did not grasp the implication of his findings, and continued to ask, "How could water make such a profound difference?" The shift in thinking was too great for them to comprehend.

Dr. Lorenzen then went to Japan, where the potential of clustered water was recognized. For the next 15 years, he worked with a group of doctors and researchers to study and document the effects of clustered water on thousands of patients in different clinics. Many of the results and conclusions were published in nine books in Japan. To date, more than 300,000 people in Japan drink clustered water solutions.

In 2004, Dr. Robert I. Bender, Chairman of the NHT Global Medical Advisory Board, work alongside Dr. Lorenzen as he developed Cluster X2, a liquid concentrate formulated to mix with distilled water to achieve the stable water clusters that Dr. Lorenzen began research over 20 years ago.


Cluster X2

NHT Global is excited that Dr. Robert Bender, our Medical Advisory Board Chairman, has worked closely in the development of 180° Life System® Cluster X2. The best source of information on this product is Dr. Bender as he has frequently used this product himself AND in his medical practice. Dr. Bender's philosophy is to help his patients to manage their health, not 'band-aid symptoms'. The information on 180° Life System® Cluster X2 will continue to be updated on the website and via audio media as Dr. Bender continues research and as we receive testimonies and additional product testing is concluded. The following information and statements made by Dr. Bender are based upon his personal medical studies, supported by independent research.

"NHT Global's 180° Life System® Cluster X2 has been created to benefit the body with increased and more efficient cell hydration. There is now adequate, independent research on the bioactivity of clustered water and how the cells are better hydrated. Science has determined that, in the human body, there are two basic types of water (biological Water): bound water and clustered water.

Bound Water is water that becomes physically bound to other molecular structures and is unable to move freely through the cell walls.

Studies have shown that the clustered water, also called 'free' water, is able to move freely through the cell walls and is instrumental to transport nutrients, remove waste, and maintain proper communication between the cells.

Research indicated that, when we are young, our bodies contain a high level of this remarkable water and very little bound water. However, as we naturally age, the levels of bound water increase and free water levels decrease, thus hindering the effectiveness of many metabolic functions and causing significant changes in our body's tissues.

However, as we get older, the clusters of the water molecules change. Because of stress and pollution, toxins and accumulated wastes in our bodies gradually bind to the water molecules, enlarging and distorting them. We also know that with age and with many things we eat and drink, we actually dehydrate our cells, thus resulting in poor cellular nutrition and thus poor cell health. As the normal cluster molecules in our bodies get bigger and lose shape, it becomes difficult for water to pass through the cell wall.

The increased cell hydration after drinking clustered water can be tested and demonstrated with a Bio-Impedence Analyzer (BIA). Analysis with the BIA indicated that the BMR (basal metabolic rate) increases after 40 to 60 minutes following the ingestion of clustered water versus the ingestion of tap water or bottled water, therefore, based on science, the conclusion can be drawn that the nutrients necessary for the mitochondria to process ADP to ATP are delivered to the cell more efficiently with the clustered water.

Exercise creates billions of free radicals, and the adaptogens in 180° Life System® Cluster X2 work to protect the cell from damage, replacing intracellular water loss with 180° Life System® Cluster X2 is very beneficial. Daily stress is a major problem, whether from emotional or physical causes, and the 180° Life System® Cluster X2 is an amazing product in minimizing this damage to the system and encouraging cellular repair and regeneration. I (Dr. Bender) have witnessed body recovery from significant cellular dysfunction by the use of increasing the cellular hydration with the adaptogens in the180° Life System® Cluster X2. Once the cellular dysfunction is minimized the body begins to attain balance and healing follows.

180° Life System® Cluster X2 is highly purified water that has been raised to a high level of electromagnetic power through a patented process US Patent #'s: 5,711,950, Titled: Process for Preparing Microclustered Water, Filed: March 4, 1994, and 6,033,678, Titled: Microclustered Water. Filed: December 4, 1997.

The process begins with extremely pure distilled water and, while it is exposed to special ceramics, treats it with lasers and extremely strong magnetic fields to create water "clusters". Most water is in organizations or clumps of 60 or more water molecules (H2O). The processing organizes the water molecules into clusters that are very mobile, therefore entering the cell system very rapidly and replenishing inter-cellular water. It is this restructuring that makes these products so effective in accelerated hydration through enhanced mobility.

To that base product, we added Astragalus and Schizandra, both adaptogens. Adaptogens were named by Russian Scientists in the 1940's. First by Nikolai Lazarev, and later, further researched by Dr. I.I. Brekhman, Institute of Biologically Active Substances, Academy of Vladivostok, Russia. The definition or criteria for an adaptogen is as follows:

  • An adaptogen is protective. It should raise an individual's resistance to physical, chemical, or biological stresses.
  • An adaptogen boosts recovery. It has the power to normalize the physiological functioning of organisms suffering from various physical problems.
  • Although powerful, an adaptogen must be harmless to the body, not disturbing natural bodily functions.
  • Using a Bio-Impedence Analyzer, it has have been shown that this solution can cause significant cell water turnover more rapidly than distilled water.
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