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In 2001 when NHT Global launched Alura there was also one radio show where couple of women were explaining how Alura works. In the second part Dr. Thompson is answering questions form scientific point of view. Listent to this show here but keep in mind that at that time NHT Global was Lexxus and Alura was Viacreme. Enjoy! You have to be logged in in order to listen to this audio. 



Now with Alura my husband and I are intimate like when we were first married. I can't wait until our vacation. I will pack the Alura first!

June - 43 years old

When I first used the Alura®, I was surprised it could make such a difference. Now my husband and I don't make love without using it. It's a great pleasure it gives.

Neera - 35 years old

My husband is so loving now that I have found sex fun again.

Stella - 58 years old

Alura has put that smile back on my husband's face. When somebody asks "does it work?", my husband will smile and say, "Oh, yeah, does it ever!"


Once I had gotten the Alura I can tell you this product has truly improved the quality of my life. It has helped my husband and I extend the beautiful intimacy that we have always known as best friends, put the bounce back in our step and just the way we look at each other. I really am thrilled with the product.

Aurora - a young 50 years old - NY

I was a big skeptic and didn't even want to try Alura®. Then I tried Alura®. I didn't get a big rush the first time I used it, but the sensation was pleasant enough for this skeptic to give it a few more tries. To make a long story short, my husband and I are back to making love once or twice a week. Sex is now a physical as well as an emotional pleasure for me. But the best "side effect" of Alura® for me is that our newfound compatibility in bed has carried into the rest of our relationship. My husband is more considerate of me than he had been since we were dating! He touches me more frequently in non-sexual ways – something I always longed for. I guess my sexual responsiveness has made me more approachable, more lovable to him.

Cynthia - 55 years old

I was completely surprised by Alura- of course so was my husband. Now we have the opportunity to be more intimate, sharing with one another. I have to tell you the product is wonderful- it gets better every single time you use it!

Sherry from California

Frequent usage of this product is certainly keeping the mucous membrane tissue soft and makes my skin feel energized. With sex, the product simply enhances an experience that was already exciting. I love Alura®!

Angie - 42 years old

I'll admit I was somewhat skeptical and a little nervous, but the minute that package arrived I eagerly gave it a try. I was so pleasantly surprised! It certainly spiced things up for us. After being married for ten years with two children, whenever you can throw in a little something special it just makes for magical evenings! In my opinion anyone who hears of Alura is going to want to try it or certainly share it with their partner. The more you use it, the more powerful the sensation.

Kathy from NJ

I have not had feeling like this for fifteen years. I love it! My husband is the happiest I have seen him in years.

June - 37 years old

I have been involved in sales most of my career. The products have had a wide range, from earthworm castings (organic fertilizer), real estate, plastic and mutual funds to name a few. Some of the positions were in the corporate world and the others I had were so called self-employed. During many years I juggled two to three positions so I had enough money "left over" to feed my two children and myself. Since my twenty-seventh birthday, I had been looking forward to my fortieth birthday...yes, I said...the big 40! I knew by the time I reached that mark in my life, my children would be close to adulthood and the most difficult part of my life would be over. If life begins at 40, I have been through the terrible twos. I am just now getting the picture of what and where I am and more important, where I am going. I will tell you that several days after hearing about NHT Global and Alura®, I awoke at 3:00 AM (CST) with that "deer in the headlights" look on my face! My next thought was "there has got to be a time zone somewhere that I could place a call and introduce them to this awesome product and business plan!" I did wait until daylight and started making the contacts! It has been the best "wake-up" call I ever made!!

The system that is in place is simple to follow and, therefore, duplicable. The business plan allows for individual choice on how to market Alura®. The Internet, retail centers, medical profession, organizations/foundations and, of course, the next door neighbor. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to give people a chance to design their destiny, a chance to bring their personal relationship to a higher level, and a chance to enrich their financial future. NHT Global, my teammates, and I are on a mission to create the lifestyles that we want and deserve! Thanks for letting me share.

Karin in Wisconsin

Alura® caused VA VA VA VOOOOOM in my bedroom. But now thanks to Alura, our lovemaking is like it was 30 years ago when we were first married, wild and wonderful. You just have to give it a try. Believe me, you won't regret it.


My sponsor gave me a tube of Alura®. Upon looking at it, I said, "I don't need that." He said, "How do you know?" I said, "I don't have any problems with sex." He said, "How do you know you're not missing anything with the crème. It might be the bomb!" I said, "Hey, you might be right!" So, I tried it and I am happy to say, it is the bomb! Alura® made me feel alive again. It was that push I needed to get over the hill. Thank you, Dr. Thompson.

Joyce - Age 37 years old, DC

My first experience with Alura reminded me of being 25 again and madly in love with my husband. And, I was surprised that I actually began to feel the sensations within less than a minute. Alura® really enhances the pleasure of making love.

Denise - 60 years old

In a nutshell, last summer I had lung cancer and was given two months. I found an excellent team of doctors (women) who would try a very aggressive treatment of chemo and radiation at the same time to "zap" the three tumors, metastases and lymph node cancer. Needless to say, it was tough! I fought the fight of my life literally! Now, I am in remission already eight months and plan to stay there! Recently, I heard of Alura®, so I tried it. Lo and behold, it woke me up again. I felt like Sleeping Beauty being awakened from a bad nightmare. I was so impressed that I became a distributor. I'm hoping to help other women live a more fulfilling life with Alura®!


I tried Alura® not long after having my first baby. I was feeling frustrated because sex was nothing like it had been before the baby. I was feeling like nothing would be the same again. My husband had bought some Alura® and had warned me that it may take several applications before I would notice anything. The first time I tried – nothing. I was sad but was willing to keep trying. The second time, I felt a little tingly, but nothing wonderful. The third time – WOW! I am so thankful that we were made aware that the product might need several applications before working. Otherwise, we might have given up after the first or second time of using it and never had the wonderful experience of Alura®.


My husband and I will soon celebrate our wedding anniversary, and Alura® has brought a renewed meaning to our intimate time. What I found so amazing was that it worked the very first time and continues to delivery tremendous results. Thank you, NHT Global, for a product that has made our relationship even more wonderful and exciting!

Nora McEleveen, Pamplico, SC



Alura FAQ

Dr. Ronald James Thompson, the formulator of Alura® answers a number of questions about the product. Dr. Thompson is a Board Certified Obstetrician / Gynecologist who has cared for women and their health care concerns for over twenty years. He has extensive experience in drug development and clinical drug evaluation, all within the focus of gynecology and infertility. Besides teaching surgery and surgical procedures, Dr. Thompson has numerous patents in infertility, women's urinary incontinence, uterine bleeding, and women's sexual responsiveness. Dr. Thompson is also a surgical consultant to a number of medical companies.

What is Alura®?
Alura® for Women is a natural, topical creme, applied to the genital area, which acts as a stimulant to the soft tissue and creates a "cooling" sensation. It is a specially compounded, all natural preparation which contains the active ingredients Menthol USP and L-Arginine USP, an amino acid found in dietary products.

How Does Alura® work?
When massaged into the skin, the ingredients in Alura® penetrate the tissue surfaces, resulting in a soothing sensation that helps keep the clitoris sensitive. Response time varies with each individual woman. To activate the pleasurable tingling effects of Alura®, sexual stimulation by touching and rubbing in the clitoral area, and other activities of foreplay may be required.

What are the benefits of Alura®?
The use of Alura® can help to induce or regain orgasm for those women who have experienced difficulty achieving orgasm, especially the type of orgasms remembered from earlier days.

Can a woman expect instant results from Alura®?
No. Although some women report immediate sensations, most women who tried Alura® reported progressively improved responses through three or more successive uses of the Alura®.

Does the company send out samples?
NHT Global did send out a few samples the first month but have discontinued this. We are encouraging the uplines to take on that role. To try a sample of our amazing products please contact the person who introduced you to Alura®.

What are the rules for using the name NHT Global, NHT Global and Alura® in advertising or sales material?
Advertising material and ads using the name NHT Global, or Alura® must first be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for approval.

Does NHT Global provide full liability coverage against potential side effects from customers' use of the product?
The Manufacturer carries a one million dollar blanket liability policy covering the product for our distributors. This is not displayed on our site right now, but will be in the future.

I heard that if someone has a high-sugar diet and uses L-arginine, which is a key ingredient in Alura®, that the effectiveness of the L-arginine is diminished due to the high-sugar. Is this true?
Topically applied L-arginine is not significantly affected by blood sugar as it is changed through the Nitric Oxide synthase pathway in the local tissue. It does not enter the vascular pathway as L-arginine.

Where is Alura® made?
Alura® is compounded and individually packaged in a FDA approved medical grade facility. Alura® is clinically evaluated by nurses and other women including physicians. Alura® is laboratory evaluated for safety.

How strong is Alura®?
The actual concentrations of the active ingredients in Alura™ are quite dilute, but due to the sensitivity of a woman's genital tissues, Alura™ will likely stimulate a vigorous tingle. For example, the concentration of Menthol determined to be safe by the FDA in a topical cream is one percent. Alura™ has a concentration of one quarter of one percent.

Who can benefit from using Alura®?
Over 46% of the women in America experience little or no sexual satisfaction from clitoral orgasm. Only 25% achieve orgasm with intercourse. In fact, countless numbers of women, between the ages of 18 and 80, do not even know what an orgasm is or how it is achieved. Whether your are multi-orgasmic or among the 46% of women who are sexually frustrated, every woman who desires maximum sexual satisfaction, greater intimacy and enhanced relationships stands to benefit from regular use of Alura.

Libido! Does Alura® restore or increase a woman's libido? (Far and away the most commonly asked question!)
No, and yes! Libido is documented to be related to the circulatory level of testosterone for all women. Clinically libido can be improved by estrogen or estrogen/testosterone administration to women on oral contraceptives, birth control injections, or implants. If a woman has a positive experience (orgasm) with intercourse, she is more likely to welcome or encourage another sexual experience. This type of libido is not hormone dependent, but experience related. Alura® can help a woman achieve orgasm, especially if her partner is intent upon her achieving orgasm.

Can I use the product if I am pregnant?
No. This product should not be used if you are pregnant since it will cause a dilation of the clitoris that could cause complications with the pregnancy.

Does Alura® require a prescription?
No. Alura® is an all natural topical crème that does not require a prescription.

Are there any petroleum products used in the manufacture of this product?
No. Alura® contains propylene glycol that is a water-based product. This makes it safe to use with condoms.

Will I develop a resistance to this product?
No. The more you use it, the more you will experience a positive effect.

Did you do clinical evaluations?
Yes, initially the L-Arginine was compounded and applied to the underside of a woman's clitoris, but this was not effective. (5 nurses, 3 uses each) Menthol was chosen as a vehicle because of its duel action of immediate sensation of the clitoris and it's lipophilic ability to help the L-Arginine be absorbed. Menthol was compounded and 0.5% was found to burn younger women, but was stimulatory for several patients older than 50. (4 nurses). The menthol was reported by all subjects to create vaginal lubrication, as a direct action of the menthol. The 0.25% menthol and 2% L-Arginine were tested in 22 nurses and found to be related to estrogen states and age to help achieve orgasms.

These representative findings were documented in 22 nurses. An interesting finding was made after the introduction of Viacrème™ to the general public; women were applying the Viacrème™ in the wrong place. Viacrème™ cannot be expected to help achieve a clitoral erection and orgasm if it is not placed on the underside of the clitoris and thoroughly rubbed in. Many women in the general public did not know where the clitoris was! All nurses know because of the anatomy they studied in school. This caused us to reissue the "Directions for Use" with a more precise anatomic drawing of where the Viacrème™ should be applied. 


Alura Dr. Thompson

The Early Days

ViaCreme (now Alura) was originally introduced by NHTC in 2001. Alura and Viagra have the same physiological process of increasing the size of the venus corpus cavernosum in the clitoris and the corpus cavernosum in the penis. In 2000 we had already tested the product, conducted clinicals and completed safety validations. At that time, NHTC came to us and said we'd like to exclusively sell this product. We gave them a time to prove themselves in the first several months and they did.

Science and Quality beyond Comparison

The 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to the 3 men who discovered the Nitric Oxide Syntase System. This system starts with L-Arginine, which converts into Nitric Oxide. The nitric oxide is a gas, but it's a signaling molecule that causes GMP to be made. GMP is a potent vasodilator. Alura works to increase the production of the nitric oxide from L-Arginine. The abundance of the L-Arginine into the tissues stimulates the development of nitric oxide 10 times as much as Viagra. Alura has FDA approval in the US and a CE mark in Europe. Alura is approved to enhance intimacy and increase sexual responsiveness for women. The product has 2 worldwide patents, including China and Russia, which grant exclusive use and ownership of the combination of menthol and L-Arginine. The menthol increases sensitivity and acts as a vehicle to transfer L-Arginine into the tissues and the L-Arginine stimulates the development of copious amounts of Nitric Oxide and cyclic GMP.

A Rich, Collaborative History

NHT Global and 40Js has a long and rich history. We have a long 9-year collaboration and rich history with Applied Labs who makes Alura. NHT Global has been a marketing partner for almost 9 years as well. There have been no modifications to Alura in 9 years. It took 2 years to get the levels of menthol and L-Arginine right and that exact formulation is approved by the FDA and the European registry for the CE market.

Who Should Use Alura and How to Use It

Alura was developed for women in their mid 30s to 50s, when estrogen levels are declining and sexual responsiveness maybe isn't the same as in their 20s. And for women who are 19 to 22 and on birth control pills because these give them sexual responsiveness of about a 45 year old. The problem with these two stages is that you have declining or very little estrogen. It is recommended to use a small amount of the product every day on the genital tissues after bath or shower to revitalize the tissues. Without using estrogen it will be like you're taking estrogen. And then it will make it much more effective when you use the product with intimate episodes.

Other Uses for Alura

I know that Alura has been used as a limp plumper. I've heard it has been used to improve discolored skin and wrinkles, regrow hair and other anti-aging uses, as well as to increase the vascular circulation especially in the extremities like the legs. I can find possible scientific reasons for positive reports but I don't know of any real studies to validate these results. Although people have told me that it does work for them.

Why Alura is Right for You

For some ladies to have the youthfulness and sexual responses that they had in their early 20s / late teens is important. Certainly Alura is a product that can bring back that sexual responsiveness. Alura will replace what women in their mid-30s to 70s, have lost normally with aging. It can replace for ladies on birth control pills the super imposed aging that birth control pills places on their hormones.

  • 92% of ladies can experience an intense orgasm with the use of Alura (nothing in medicine is 100%).
  • 98% of women experience lubrication with the use of Alura.

It's not hormone replacement, but it makes up a lot for the hormones.

What to Expect with Alura

Wow! If 100 women described their reaction, I'd get a100 different responses. Every woman is different and hormone levels are different. Estrogen levels determine how youthful the vaginal and vulva tissues are - or how responsive they can be and how much their nerves are going to respond to stimulus. After application women typically experience a gentle warming sensation. That initial reaction comes from the menthol. The gentle warming and the feeling that they're lubricating, comes from the induction of the Nitric Oxide Syntase System. With more stimulation they get a clitoral erection and then they can achieve orgasm. Alura has been sold in probably 40 countries and used by probably 40-50 million women around the world.

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